Vaccination at the Family Medicine Clinic Pulse

Family Medicine Clinic Pulse offers a wide range of vaccinations for adults and children.


Vaccination for children and adults is a reliable way to protect against dangerous diseases and complications that they can cause.


Pediatrician of clinic Pulse advises on the vaccination of the child, compiles a schedule of vaccinations, examines the child immediately before vaccination and observes the child within an hour after vaccination.
For vaccination, we use only proven high-quality vaccines.

At the Pulse Clinic, we work with children since birth. Newborns require special attention and protection. Parents of a newborn child should receive comprehensive information about viral and infectious diseases, as well as how to prevent the occurrence of these diseases.

A number of vaccinations in the first years of a child’s life is one of the most powerful barriers that helps the body to resist infections and various diseases. After vaccination, the immune system of the child’s body receives valid “information” about the disease in the form of a vaccine, which becomes the basis for the body to produce antibodies to the disease. Therefore, in case of danger and encounter with a real virus, the vaccinated child remains healthy and protected. An unvaccinated person should respond to an attacking virus without a so-called “rear”. There are diseases (for example, rubella or chickenpox) that can be mildly ill without having a vaccine. However, there are a number of diseases, the consequences of which can be quite terrible and cause disturbances in the development of a child.

Many people believe that vaccinating a child is a personal matter of the parents. There are also a number of horrific stories about the effects of vaccines. However, parents are not able to independently protect the child against diseases such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus or polio. It is worth remembering that it was timely preventive vaccination that helped the generation to avoid epidemics.

In the Pulse clinic, we offer an individual approach to each patient, taking into account the characteristics of its development. Our doctors make a personalized schedule of vaccinations and help you choose the best foreign vaccines.

Before vaccination, the child is thoroughly examined and tested. If necessary, an additional inspection by other specialists takes place.

During vaccination and within an hour after it, the child is under the supervision of a physician.

Many people think that only children should be vaccinated. However, adults are no less susceptible to dangerous infectious diseases. In addition, as a rule, they carry infections much harder than children. Vaccination of adults in Cherry is carried out in the medical center Pulse.


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