Orthopedics and Traumatology

The doctor orthopedist traumatologist – combines at once two medical specialties: an orthopedist and a traumatologist. The orthopedist traumatologist helps to solve the problems of the musculoskeletal system – namely, diseases and injuries of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons.

The Pulse Clinic is an orthopedist traumatologist with high qualifications and many years of successful practice experience.

At reception at the Pulse clinic the orthopedist traumatologist:

  • Visually inspects the patient and, if necessary, provides first medical care.
  • Palpation (which often helps to understand the severity of the disease and to identify: what caused the edema, deformities and other pathological conditions).
  • Applies digital radiography to investigate the problem and select an effective treatment.
  • Uses CT for the study of the condition and structure of tissues.
  • Applies redress.


An orthopedist traumatologist may prescribe additional studies and tests to establish an accurate diagnosis and appoint effective effective treatment.

Possible additional analyzes:

  • a general analysis of blood and urine;
  • C-reactive protein analysis;
  • prothrombin time (RT) + fibrinogen;
  • rheumatoid factor;
  • coagulogram;
  • thromboplastin time analysis, etc.


In addition, the orthopedist traumatologist can direct the patient to undergo additional examinations and examinations from doctors of related specialties (surgeon, neuropathologist, vertebrologist, etc.).

It is necessary to address to the orthopedist-traumatologist, if you are concerned about the following conditions:

  • severe pain in the spine, bones, muscles, joints;
  • injury;
  • deformation of the injured part of the body;
  • pathological hypermobility of the joints or, conversely, a sharp restriction of mobility;
  • limited movement after awakening;
  • edema of the extremities;
  • crunch with localization in the neck and joints of the limbs;
  • arbitrary muscle twitching (with the exception of neurological problems);
  • deterioration of the general condition after injury or profile surgery.

The сlinic Pulse advises to apply immediately to the orthopedist traumatologist, if:

  • there were fractures (isolated, with displacement, closed and open fractures);
  • incorrectly split fractures;
  • long bone dysfunction;
  • injury to the bones, joints, muscle tissues, tendon-ligamentous apparatus;
  • exacerbation of arthritis and arthrosis;
  • dislocation or joint subluxation;
  • intervertebral hernias and protrusions of disks;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • malformations of the bone and muscular system development;
  • deformity of the chest or extremities.


Doctors at Family Medicine Clinic Pulse are convinced that this is a huge happiness – health! And the joy of free movement is the basic need of a healthy person! We will be happy to help you get rid of OPA illnesses or to ensure you will improve your unwanted condition.

Never ignore the painful signals of your body, because it only worsens the situation. Orthopedic Clinic Pulse Doctor will help restore active healthy life and psycho-emotional state.


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