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Wellness starts at home! Especially at the moment when you feel unwell, the last thing you want to do is go by public transport, stand in line at a clinic or a pharmacy, or contact someone. It is not for nothing that there is a well-known proverb “Houses and walls heal”, at home a person feels more confident and calmer, and it is easier for him to cope with any ailment.

The Pulse Family Clinic will improve your health in a comfortable atmosphere. Doctor’s home call is the best alternative to consultations in the clinic.

  • If you do not feel well (fever, fever, symptoms of a cold, dyspeptic symptoms – any symptoms of indigestion, a rash on the body, weakness, problems of the cardiovascular system, etc.)
  • If you need help with a small child, an older person, or a non-transportable person.
  • If you want to reduce contacts during periods of active infections and viruses.

All our doctors are at your service, who will come to you at a clearly appointed convenient time, examine and diagnose your health condition, using portable medical equipment if necessary, and prescribe treatment.

You can also take tests at home, make injections, dressings, droppers and compresses, track the dynamics of your recovery.

Calling a doctor at home saves you time, guarantees your safety, protects you from complications and other diseases, helps your body to get stronger and gain strength in a home atmosphere faster.

You can leave a request for the service “Call a doctor at home” on our website, or if you have questions and need to consult a specialist in advance, call us:

Family clinic “Pulse” – on the same wavelength with your health!

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