The main task of pediatrics as a branch of science – preserving the health of the child, recovery from illness and disease prevention.

In the family medicine clinic, Pulse Pediatrician is a physician who has assumed responsibility for health care in children, to diagnose and treat infectious diseases, and to take preventive measures. The doctor-pediatrician always takes into account the age-specific features of the child, is the parent’s advisor for the healthy growth of the baby from the very moment of birth.

The Pulse clinic for each child is assigned a pediatrician. It is very important for parents: to have contact with an experienced medical specialist, who will give a wise advice, timely review, remind about planned measures, terms of vaccinations, the need to consult a children’s specialist.

The doctor-pediatrician is admitted directly to the clinic, and, if necessary, can be called home. Calling a doctor home is a rather convenient service, because you do not need to take a sick child to the clinic, giving her discomfort and exposing a new portion of the virus or infection.

Applying to a pediatrician is worthwhile in the following cases:

  • increase in the body temperature of the child;
  • viral infections (acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, etc.);
  • pain in the body, headache, photophobia;
  • rash;
  • allergic reactions;
  • disorders of digestion, dysbiosis;
  • doubts about the norms of the child’s development;
  • scheduled reviews and more.


The Pulse Clinic has the smallest caregivers since birth. As a rule, with the advent of the first child, parents have a bunch of questions.

Pediatric Clinic Pulse explain:

  • how to organize a toddler’s mode;
  • how to adjust the breastfeeding process;
  • in which cases artificial feeding is recommended;
  • what should be the mother’s diet during breastfeeding;
  • which gymnastics exercises are necessary for children depending on age;
  • how to carry out bathing and hygienic procedures for babies.


Pediatrician Clinic Pulse advises on the child’s vaccination, makes a vaccination calendar, examines the child immediately before vaccination and watches the baby within an hour after vaccination.

For vaccination we use only proven qualitative vaccines.

The clinics of Pulse clinic have developed comprehensive programs for the care of children of different age groups. A pediatrician, conducting a routine examination, if necessary, will necessarily draw the attention of parents to the need for additional consultation or diagnosis. At Pulse Clinic, your child will be guaranteed a qualitative examination, counseling and treatment from a profile doctor.


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