Functional diagnostics

Functional diagnostics in the clinic Pulse is a collection of methods for investigating the functionality of individual organs of the human body in order to determine their condition and the body as a whole. Functional diagnostics helps to identify pathologies, flaws, illnesses and to determine the degree of functional disorders.

Functional Diagnostic in the Clinic Pulse is carried out by experienced medical specialist who uses methods of functional diagnosis for the necessary studies of systems and organs of the human body in order to establish a diagnosis and for further treatment.

In the office of functional diagnostics of thePPulse Clinic, modern equipment is installed, which helps doctors to effectively diagnose the function of various organs and physiological systems of the body.

As a rule, patients from doctors of other specialties are sent to functional diagnostics.

Physicians of Clinic Pulse perform the following methods of functional diagnosis:

  • Electrocardiography (ECG);
  • Daily monitoring of blood pressure;
  • Holter dive outpatient ECG monitoring (HM ECG);
  • Spirography Investigation of the function of external respiration (FDD).


The doctors of the functional diagnosis of the Pulse clinic work in tandem with professional doctors, constantly improve their abilities, master modern diagnostic methods. A progressive approach allows us to provide high-quality medical care to our patients!

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