Speech therapy

The speech therapy studies the problems and defects that cause speech impairment. Also, the speech therapist uses methods to prevent speech disorders.

A qualified pediatric speech therapist works at Pulse Clinic. Children’s speech therapist detects speech impairments and corrects them at an early stage with the help of special education and upbringing.

Communication and speech play an extremely important role in human life. Properly constructed language is an important condition for the harmonious development of a person in a society, through the language we communicate, establish relationships, eventually – we build a career, social life.

Speech disorder often causes the development of complexes in children. And, if there was no work on logopedic correction – hardly a person will be able to get rid of complexes in adulthood.

So, the speech therapist of the clinic Pulse strongly advises: to start work on language defects should be as early as possible and under close observation.

Professional speech therapist Pulse clinic:

  • will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the child’s language;
  • correct speech defects;
  • will work with the child making sounds;
  • will stimulate the formation of speech skills in children with speech disorders;
  • will help the child “talk”.


Speech therapist Pulse is not just a person who adjusts phonetic material. Our speech therapist is a sensible and kind person who can get the trust of the child, establish emotional contact, and then – work on solving logopedic problems.

Speech therapist Pulse is an experienced and highly skilled specialist who understands age-specific peculiarities of children’s development, their interests and needs. Therefore, our speech therapist can easily identify current speech therapist defects and form a program of correct language skills.

Working with children, Logopedo Pulse Clinic uses traditional methods of speech therapist correction:

  • work with articulation motility;
  • gymnastics and massage of musculoskeletal system;
  • control of breathing in the speech process;
  • phonetic, lexical, grammatical development of speech and speech apparatus;
  • development of facial expressions and motility;
  • construction of a logical and coherent speech process.


The consultation of the speech therapist is one of the desires that we strongly advise you to take before the child is registered to the school.


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